Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is SAP Training?

This refers to training in the various functional and technical modules of SAP. The courses combine business, theoretical and technical skills to help student understand  the theory and application of SAP solutions.

Q. How Different is it?

 The SAP Solutions Academy is the most comprehensive training offered for SAP solutions. The academy offers courses that help to develop your SAP skills. The Academy gets you ready for certification which is meant to qualify your SAP expertises.

Q. I want to become an SAP consultant, where do I start?

 We advise you participate in one of our introductory course depending on the module you wish to pursue. A subsequent Application Academy or Technical Academy is the best route for those who wish to gain knowledge and become a Certified Consultant in SAP 

Q. Several institutions claim to offer SAP training services, are these institutions accredited by SAP?

 Apart from accredited SAP Education partners and SAP Education facilities, no other institutions are authorized to conduct SAP Training.  For Training  recognized by SAP and its partners/customers ,we recomend using accredited institutions. 

Please follow this link to see the accredited SAP training partner in Zimbabwe.