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SAP Netweaver AS Implementation and Operation (Basis) Academy





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SAP Training SAP Academy Courses SAP Netweaver AS Implementation and Operation (Basis)


SAP Netweaver AS Implementation and Operation (Basis) Academy

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Course Code: TADM10

Duration: 10 days Instructor-led Classroom


  • Perform SAP system administration tasks


  • Fundamentals of SAP Netweaver AS:
  • Introduction to SAP NetWeaver
  • Architecture of SAP Netweaver AS
  • Fundamentals of SAP system administration:
  • Starting and stopping an SAP system (incl. SAP MC)
  • System configuration options in AS ABAP and AS Java
  • User administration
  • System monitoring in AS ABAP and AS Java
  • Fundamentals of AS Java
  • Change management and software logistics for SAP Netweaver AS
  • Configuration of integrated SAP Internet Transaction Server (SAP ITS)
  • Internet technologies in the SAP environment:
  • SAP ITS, SAP ICM, SAP Web Dispatcher


Course Code: TADM12

Duration: 10 days


  • Configure the Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Understand and apply SAP software logistics (ABAP) concepts and tools
  • Plan and perform a simple installation of an SAP ECC system
  • Perform other standard SAP system administration activities


  • Software logistics:
  • Overview of software logistics, configuration of the Transport Management System, performing transports, tools for client copy, OCS Support Packages and SAP Notes
  • Installation of an SAP ECC system:
  • Preparing and performing a Windows 2003- and MaxDB-based SAP system installation, post-installation tasks
  • Other topics:
  • Fundamentals of printing in SAP systems
  • Configuration of SMTP mail
  • Background processing in SAP systems
  • Connecting SAP systems to a directory server, using LDAP and configuration of central user administration
  • Patching SAP systems (ABAP/Java)
  • Configuring documentation access



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