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SAP Management Accounting (Controlling) Academy





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SAP Training SAP Academy Courses SAP Management Accounting (Controlling)


SAP Management Accounting (Controlling) Academy

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Course code: TFIN20

Duration: 10 days


  • After this training class you are able to:
  • implement overhead management (Actual Postings and periodic closing activities)
  • perform cost center planning
  • perform product cost planning
  • implement cost object controlling


  • Organisation Units and Master Data of Overhead Management (Cost Elements, Cost Centers, Activity Types, statistical Key Figures, Internal Orders)
  • Debiting Cost Centers and Internal Orders
  • Validation, Substitution, Reposting, Direct Activity Allocation
  • periodic Postings of Overhead Management (Periodic Reposting, Allocation, Overhead Rates)
  • Planning of Costs, Activities and Prices
  • Integrated Planning in Management Accounting
  • Cost Estimate
  • Cost Estimates with Material
  • Scenario of Cost Object Controlling


Course code: TFIN22

Duration: 10 days


  • After this training class you are able to:
  • implement Profit Center Accounting with new general ledger
  • implement Profitability Analysis
  • create reports with Report Painter and Drilldown Reporting
  • implement a blueprint of a business scenario during a Case Study


  • Profit Center Master Data and Assigning Master Data (in new general ledger)
  • Actual Postings of Profit Centers (in new general ledger)
  • Profit enter-Planning (in new general ledger)
  • Data Structures of Profitability Accounting
  • Derivation of Profitability Segments
  • Valuation of Value Fields
  • Actual Posting in Profitability Analysis
  • Planning in Profitability Analysis
  • Report Painter
  • Drilldown Reporting
  • integrated Case Study: Implementing a business case scenario , Configuration of Enterprise Structure, Master Data and Business Cases in an SAP-System
  • Review und Preparation of Certification
  • Certification: Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.04 with SAP ERP 2005 covering training courses SAP125, ERP001, ERP020,TFIN20, SM001, TFIN22



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