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SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Academy





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SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Academy

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Course code: TFIN50

Duration: 10 days


  • Configure and use organizational units, master data and documents for Financial Accounting
  • Configure and use the SAP business processes (such as payment, dunning, correspondence and individual closing)


  • Organizational units, master data and documents for Financial Accounting: company code, fiscal year, currencies, general ledger accounts, customer and vendor master records, profit center, document control, postings, clearing open items, cash journal
  • Handling of payments, dunning, correspondence and closing operations in Financial Accounting:
  • Automatic payment program with clearing of open items
  • Automatic dunning program for creating dunning notices and correspondence
  • Overview of month and year-end accounting processes in Financial Accounting
  • Balance sheet and P&L
  • Preparatory closing postings in sub ledgers and the general ledger
  • Technical organizational and documentary steps in individual closing
  • Closing Cockpit
  • Configuration of periodic closings in Financial Accounting


Course code:

Duration: 10 days


  • Implement various business processes and periodic tasks in Asset Accounting, manage master data and configure Asset Accounting
  • Apply selected evaluation methods
  • Special G/L transactions and document parking
  • Apply substitutions and validations as well as archiving to financial accounting
  • Utilize your knowledge directly as a consultant in your first period of practice

TFIN50 Financial Accounting I


  • Organizational structures, master data, and business processes in Asset Accounting:
  • Chart of depreciation, depreciation area, asset classes, master data , asset transactions, valuation, periodic processing, information system
  • Evaluation methods in Financial Accounting (Infosystem and ABAP reports of general ledger accounting, accounts receivable accounting, and accounts payable accounting, report variants, selection variables in variants, List Viewer, sample evaluations using the drilldown reporting tool)
  • Special G/L transactions and document parking
  • Validations and substitutions in Financial Accounting
  • Archiving in Financial Accounting
  • Case study: implementation of a fictitious demo company using specific business processes, configuration and mapping of the company structure, master data, and business processes in the SAP system
  • Review and certification preparation
  • Certification examination for Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.04 on the content of the courses SAP125, TERP01, TERP02,TERP21, SM001, TFIN50, TFIN52.


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