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HCM - Management & Administration





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HCM - Management & Administration

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Course code: THR10

Duration: 10 days


  • Explain the basic processes of human resources
  • Adjust personnel administration data for customer-specific requirements
  • Adjust the main aspects of time data
  • Carry out reporting in Human Resource Management


  • Overview of SAP ERP HCM: Navigation and structures in Human Resource Management, Employee Self-Service, Manager's Desktop, recruitment, personnel development, personnel cost planning, training and event management, compensation management
  • Configuration of human resources master data: Enterprise, personnel and organizational structure, default values and features, billing data: Pay scale and wage type structure, pay scale reclassification and increase, work flows and user interfaces: for example, screen modification and personnel actions, management of global employees
  • Configuration of Time Management: Overview of Time Management and its integration with other applications, configuring the work schedule and setting up the planned working time, creating attendance and absence types and their payments, managing time quotas and quota deduction, and configuring the Time Manager's Workplace (TMW)
  • Reporting in Human Resource Management: Info systems, Ad Hoc Query, SAP Query, payroll infotypes and simulated infotypes of Time Management, Human Resource Management in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence
  • Mini case study


Course code: THR12

Duration: 10 days


  • Explain how Payroll is organized, perform payroll runs, and configure gross payroll
  • Configure organizational management
  • Utilize your knowledge directly as a junior consultant in your first period of practice


  • Organization and configuration of payroll: Identifying and operating control mechanisms available in the payroll system, personnel calculation schema and rules, encoding characteristics of wage types, checking the payroll using the payroll log, determining hourly rates, calculating averages, factoring, developing rules to automate the payment of working hours, processing absences in payroll, retroactive accounting
  • Organizational management: Maintenance of the organizational structure , matrix organization and structures, reporting and reporting tools, Manager's Desktop and Manager Self Service, integration with other HR components
  • Integrated case study: Implementation of a fictitious demo company using specific business processes: configuration and mapping of the company structure, master data, and business processes in the SAP system
  • Review and certification preparation
  • Certification examination for Solution Consultant Human Resources – Management & Administration with mySAP ERP 2005 on the content of courses SAP125, TERP01,TERP31, THR10, SM001, THR12



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